Photos by Hillary
<font color="Yellow">Post 1038 3/365 1/3/2014  - Being back with the Dailies was motivation to go out in this crazy cold..It was about 7 at 10 in the morning and up to a blistering 17 degrees at 4 in the afternoon.. at least we are in the double digits and above zero, that's more than can be said for many experiencing this cold start to January.

A short walk from the condominium where we live is a forested area with a summer pool club. They have a haunted house type hayride here ever October ( you would not believe what we hear EVERY night coming from this little makeshift town.. This is part of the set for their Halloween shenanigans. Fun little area to walk through. Nice back drop for some photography. 

Keep safe and warm all of you and thank you again for the welcome back to the Dailies.. Greatly appreciated!
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