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<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Post 1056 21/365 1/21/2014 - Eddie Perez of The Mavericks… Thought I would stay with editing some of my folders of Mavericks images while I had it open. Eddie Perez is an amazing guitarist and as dapperly dressed a musician you will ever see. I've included a link to a video I shot at one of their shows for those of you who are not familiar with The Mavericks. They were Grammy winners in the 90s..split up for about 10 years and now back together again better than ever. These guys are mostly in their mid to late 40s and the energy of teenagers on the stage. The love of their music and joy of performance  just gets better and better with every show. I don't usually shoot video, but was going to see how it would be to shoot and ended up with a 10 minute clip.. I hope you like it. 

Thank you all, too for your very generous comments on my shot of Raul Malo yesterday. I can't begin to thank you all for taking time for me..I'm off to work so I know I will have a hard time browsing and commenting on your shots during the work week! Big storm today so I might get off early…I just hope I get home! They are predicting 9"-14" in our area..Wow..that's one of the biggest storms I will ever have been in! 

<a href="">The Mavericks at The Keswick Theater</a>
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