Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1119-  85/365   3/26/2014 - I love these cars!!! 

This was not in the most scenic of spots, but it is among my favorite car photographs. I was so fascinated by how most all the taxis were full of people all the time.. also, because of the heat and I'm sure no working air conditioners in the cars, there were always people looking out the windows and usually looking at me if I had my camera up to my faceā€¦There were so many scenes like this. Loved it! 

Thank you for your kind words on my pictures the last 2 days of Liuba and Lorenzo.. they were quite an amazing and fun couple and it was such a treat beyond words to see them again. I had some others that I saw again, too. I will share a story soon with a picture of one amazing person that I found by a strange set of circumstances.
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